CGI Animation
39ep x 7min.

Dibo has many friends with distinct personalities. 

The kids laugh, play and sometimes argue with each other every day. 

No matter what strange event Dibo and his friends get into, they get to share all the wonderful memory of childhood as they grow up

together in this warm tale of friendship.

Super Z

CGI Animation​
Season1: 26ep x 11min.
Season2: 26ep x 11min.
(EST May, 2020)
EBS, Disney, Disney Junior, Anione, Champ, bravotv, aniplus, kbskids, playrun tv

When trouble strikes the peaceful ‘Storia town’, Super Z goes into action!

Munch on Mom's ‘Super Yum-Yum’ dishes and power up!!

Our Little Superhero Zach wields his Super Yum-Yum power

again today to keep the peace in Storia!


CGI Animation​
Season1: 26ep x 5min.
Season2: 26ep x 5min.
(EST. April on 2018)

TOY COP that defends toy town from evil Hades party.
In the story of toys in the 5-year-old 'Dori' toy room living in Korea, toys move when there are no people. In fact, Hades also wants to be interested in "Dori" because the reason to make an accident with the old toy of "Dori".
However, since the Hades party sometimes makes the toy town dizzy, it is necessary to have a toy cap and fortune teller in the toy world.

DIBO, The Gift Dragon

CGI Animation​
Season1: 26ep x 11min.
Season2: 26ep x 11min.
Season3: 52ep x 11min.
(EST 2022)
90 countries broadcasting operator: Disney South East Asia, Disney South America,  EBS

'Cozy Land' is a doll town where everything is made of soft cloth.

Dibo and his friends live in harmony with many dreams and imaginations. Dibo likes to give presents. Through gifts, children discover surprises and unexpected pleasures.

Thanks to Dibo's gift, fantastic events happen every day.

What gift will Dibo present next?

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