[Toy Cop] to enter China, Shown on Tencent, Youku, Licensing agreement with Johnson 

Toy Cop, one of OCON’s IPs, which was produced in cooperation with the Korean National Police Agency, has been introduced to China since September 11th through Tencent and Youku, China famous internet service providers. OCON has also signed a licensing agreement ... (more)


[Little Hero Super Z] to Show in Taiwan

<Little Hero Super Z> has officially aired in September on Taiwan's IPTV and OTT (Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile and IQIYI etc.) through Taiwan's official master licensee ‘HAPPYTUK’. The broadcasters are also holding various offline events with children in Taiwan ... (more)


OCON, invited on [Presentation of Three Innovative Strategies for Content Industry] Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

OCON was invited as the representative character company of Korea to [Presentation of Three Innovative Strategies for Content Industry] hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
On September 17 (Tue), about 100 participants from the industry... (more)


OCON celebrates its 20year-longtime employees

OCON held a ceremony at OCON office on October 11 to celebrate their longtime employees. At the celebration, CEO/President KIM ILHO delivered congratulations message with a plaque of appreciation to Vice President KIM Hyun-ho and Director CHOI Jeong-soon, who have been with OCON for 20 years... (more)


OCON joined in The London Korean Film Festival

OCON attended the Korean Film Festival in London on July 27-28.

At the festival, <Pororo Treasure Island Adventure> was screened at praise, and attracted many local audiences. The Pororo characters have been also inserted in the event photo wall ... (more)


< Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure > presented in Rwanda Korean Film Festival.

<Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure> was presented at the Rwanda Korean Film Festival, held for September 14 and 15, 2019. A total of five Korean films were screened and Pororo Dinosaur Island Adventure was the only animation. It is expected

... (more)


OCON joined in Toronto International Film Festival.

OCON attended the Toronto International Film Festival, the annual international film festival held in Toronto, Canada, from September 5 to 15, 2019.

At the Toronto Film Festival, interest in Korean films and animation was very high, and OCON had successful meetings with leading UK ... (more)


RTV broadcast ‘Little Hero Super Z’ in 2020.

OCON signed the contract with Indonesian TV RTV for “Little Hero Super Z” on July 19 at the Korea Character Licensing Fair. Indonesia Terrestrial RTV is a national network channel covering all of Indonesia and one of the few channels that broadcasts animation. RTV is planning to broadcast “Little Hero Super Z” from early 2020 ... (more)


Super Z, introduced splendidly in Global Licensing Exhibition China 2019 (LEC)

“Super Z” declared its full-fledged entry into the Chinese market as it was introduced as a major IP of Alpha (Alpha Group CO., Ltd.), the largest animation company in China, at the Global Licensing Exhibition China 2019 (LEC) held ... (more)


DHX Media and CPLG visited OCON Studio on September 5th.

DHX Media CEO Eric Ellenbogen, and its subsidiary CPLG Executive Vice President & Managing Director Maarten Weck visited OCON Studio on September 5th, and both companies had the chance to discuss future business collaboration. DHX Media is a Canadian media production, distribution and... (more)


OCON Signed MOU with Fifth Journey

On July 19, 2019, OCON entered the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Fifth Journey, an official partner of major Hollywood IP companies such as Legendary, Universal, MGM, Lionsgate and etc., creating a very important foundation for OCON's global content business.

... (more)

1. OCON_메인부스앞.jpg

OCON, Expanding domestic and global business through participation in Korea Character Licensing Fair 2019 in Korea

OCON participated in the 18th 'Korea Character Licensing Fair (KCLF) 2019' held in COEX, Seoul, Korea from July 17 to 21, 2019 and achieved various achievements. KCLF 2019 hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister, Park Yang-woo), Korea Creative Content Agency (led by Kim Young-joon) and COEX ... (more)


Super Z visits the Samsung Children's Hospital at Samsung Medical Center.

On May 3, 2019, Little Hero Super Jack visited Children's Hospital at Samsung Medical Center, and has been supporting the sick children with various events ... (more)


Super Z appears at Jamsil Baseball Stadium!
- Super Z x Doosan Bears joint event

On May 5th, 2019, Children's Day, Little Hero Super Z held various events for children in the Jamsil Sports Stadium with Doosan Bears, the most popular professional baseball team in Korea. The game was full of 25,000 seats, and it was a great time ... (more)


Ocon Participated in 
Beijing international film market

Ocon participated in Beijing international film market as a table in KOFIC booth during the period of April 14~16, 2019. The market is quiet, but had meetings with companies that can look forward to a substantial ... (more)


Alpha showcased Super Z! 

Alpha, a key chinese toy maker that signed for distribution and licensing agreements with Ocon regarding Super Z held a showcase, which introduced Super Z to the public ... (more)


Ocon Joined in MIPTV 2019

Ocon participated in MIPTV2019 as a stand-alone booth in the Korea Pavillion during the period of April 8~10, 2019. Ocon had a meeting with huge sales agent (ex.imira) for sales and distribution and  also overseas production companies... (more)


OCON opens ‘Café O!’

Last March, OCON opened Café O, a coffee drinking and seating area for OCON employees. Café O is located in the lobby of Innovalley A-dong where OCON offices are, and features sophisticated and... (more)

32. 토이캅_키즈펀 포스터.png

<TOY COP> X <KIDS FUN>, agent contract signed in china!

<KIDS FUN> has established itself as a toy and licensing business in China. Especially, they succeeded in the toy and licensing business for animation 'Super-wings' in China. OCON's kids animation <TOY COP> signed  ... (more)

31. 라이선스-제품출시.png

<Super Z>, Launching 3 type of licensing products!

<Super Z> has released 'multi-vitamins', 'kids band' and 'Baby zipper bag'. All of the products are made up of adorable <Super Z>'s character packages, and are receiving much interest and inquiries from Super Z fans. 'Multi-Vitamin' is not only improved in immunity, but is also ... (more)

30. Sea Believers 방문.jpg

<Sea Believers> Welcome to OCON's headquater in Korea! 

In December 2018, Sea Believers, who signed an agreement with OCON for an animation production, visited OCON's headquarters in Korea. They met with the Ocon's board members such as CEO Kim and vice president Woo and made a meeting about ... (more)

29. 슈퍼잭 케이블 방영.png

<Super Z> began broadcasting on Disney Channel from February 2019!

'Super Z' gained great popularity in EBS, an educational channel in the second half of 2018. In 2019, it plan to expand the broadcasting area with cable channels. Especially, on the Disney channel, Super Z will be ... (more)

02. 토이캅.jpg

<TOY COP> agency contract in progress with Italy 'Alantyca'!

OCON's kids animation <TOY COP> is in the process of signing a European agency contract with Italian 'Alantyca'. Alantyca is currently responsible for the production, distribution and OCON's kids animation <TOY COP> is in the process of  ... (more)


With 'Aurora World' , Ocon Signs a License Agreement for <Super Z> Toys!

Ocon's popular animation 'Super Z' has signed an license agreement with 'Aurora World', which rank first among domestic character toy companies, with 'Super Z plush dolls'. 'Aurora World' is famous for making popular domestic IP's merchandise using   ... (more)

25. AAS 1.png

Ocon participates in AAS & <Dibo the gift dragon> is agreed to be distributed by WildBrain on Youtube!

Ocon participated in the Asian Animation Summit that converged Asian animation producers, distributors, and broadcasting networks together, allowing them pitch a variety of projects. As business meetings and  ... (more)

24. ATF_RTV 계약 1.jpg

Ocon in ATF. <Toy Cop> &<Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure> Signs a Contract with RTV!

On 2018 April, 'Toy Cop' Season 1 has signed a contract with Indonesia's public broadcasting network, 'RTV'. As the local ratings are high and receiving positive reactions, 'Toy Cop Season 2' and 'Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure'  ... (more)

23. 큐원.jpg

Launching "Super Z Egg Bread Mix" by Qone-homemade

<Super Z>, which attracted children and mothers by super yummy power, and <Qone-homemade>, which has been supported by consumers with healthy food, released a limited edition of "Super Z Egg Bread Mix"... (more)

21. 포토피크닉.PNG

<Super Z> is the only anime character to participate in the Lotte World Tower Picnic

Representative Autumn Festival in the City Lotte World Tower Photo Picnic had been held on Saturday, Oct. 13, and <Super Z> is the only one to participate as an animation character. It attracted the eyes of children ...(more)

22. 유튜브.PNG

You Tube channel <OCON Studios> has over 200,000 subscribers!

The Korean major animation studio, OCON opened You Tube channel to build a platform that can get closer to children. The newly opened YouTube channel has started a variety of video services for mothers and children ...(more)

20. Sea believers.png

OCON puts faith in SeaBelievers (MIPCOM 2018)

OCON has stuck a deal with the US' SeaBelievers Corp. for the co-production of the under-the-ocean title SeaBelievers, inking a season order. The 3D/2D environmentally conscious animation series is targeted at 4 to 7 year olds, aiming to ...(more)

18. Mipcom.jpg

OCON participated in the 2018 Mipcom & Mipjunior

The Korean major animation studio, OCON participated in the Mipcom and Mipjunior 2018 Mipcom & Mipjunior in France. We had meetings about PR, co-production and distribution for our theater and TV animation IPs. Besides  ...(more)


OCON conducted semina & meetings (BIFF 2018)

The Korean major animation studio, OCON participated in the BIFF 2018 in Busan, Korea. At this fair, we has held seminars, and had distribution meetings for our movies as well.

16. 슈퍼잭 비치타월.PNG

Launching <Super Z> Beach Towels!

OCON, produced <Super Zach> defeating the villain by super yummy power and loved by children, has launched Super Zach character beach towels. It's a great opportunity to meet up with ...(more)

15. 키예프1.jpg

OCON conducted Pitching and meeting at 2018 Kiev Meida Week

The Korean noted animation studio, OCON took part in the 2018 Kiev Meida Week, in Kiev, Ukraine. At this conference, we had meetings about PR and distribution for our theater and TV animation Ips to enter ...(more)

13. 롯데아울렛.jpg

<Super Z> promotes with Lotte Outlet

<Super Z> promotes with Lotte, a major merchandising distributor in Korea. It will be held at 7 branches of Lotte Outlet nationwide and expect to have <Super Z> exposed to about 850,000 people.

12. 함소아한의원.png

<Super Z> promotes with Hamsoa Clinic

<Super Z> has been promoted with the children's hospital franchise Hamsoa Clinic. The intention was to change the awful space of the hospital into a fun and joyful space with ....(more)

11. 슈퍼잭 EBS.jpg

<Super Z> starts broadcasting on EBS

OCON, No.1 animation studios that has been loved by a globe-child through various genres of animation such as <Little Penguin Pororo>, <Dibo, the Gift Dragon> and <Toy Cop> launches a new TV series <Super Z>. Super Z, who is   ....(more)

10. SPP.jpg

OCON's IP meetings and NETFLIX pitching in 2018 SPP

The Korean reputable animation studio, OCON participated in the 2018 Seoul Promotion Plan(SPP) in Dongdaemoon Design Plaza. At this SPP, we had meetings about PR, Co-production and distribution of our theater and    ....(more)

09. 슈퍼잭 인형, 쿠션.PNG

Launching <Super Z> dolls, cushions!

<Super Z>, defeating the villain by super yummy power and loved by children, has launched Super Z character dolls and cushions. It gives children an opportunity to meet the Super Z on TV and get more closer.

08. 대명리조트 2.png

<Super Z> promotes with Daemyung Resorts

Daemyung Resort, which has the largest number of resorts in Korea, and <Super Z> are promoting. This promotion, which will be held at Daemyung Resort Water Park located in Cheon-an, was held from July 21st to August 19th, and ....(more)

07. 사업설명회 1.png

<Super Z> Launching Party (@OCON's Headquarter)

A launching party for OCON's new IP Super Z, the story about a little super hero powered by yummy food, is successfully held on 20th Jun 2018.  ....(more)

06. 키링.PNG

<Super Z> keyrings are released through 'Diamond Korea'

The animation <Super Z>, defeating the villain by super yummy power and loved by children, signed a licensing agreement with the 'Diamond Korea'. It is expected that the contract will give ....(more)

05. 슈퍼잭 과자.PNG

Launching <Super Z> snacks

OCON, produced <Super Z>, defeating the villain by super yummy power and loved by children, has released Super Z character kids snacks. 4 types of 'Super Z Yomi Power Yogurbol', 3 types of 'Super Z Fruit Chip Day', and ....(more)

04. 리마.jpg

OCON's global licensing meeting (2018 LIMA)

The Korean major animation studio, OCON participated in the 2018 LIMA SHOW in Las Vegas. At this LIMA SHOW, we had a meeting about OCON'S possession IPs, 'Super Z', 'Dibo and Friends', and 'Toy Cop', with ....(more)

03. 북경영화제.jpg

<Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure> is screened at the Beijing International Film Festival

"Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure", which had won the box office for the third consecutive week last winter and made audiences enthusiastic, was screened at the 8th Beijing Film Festival.  ....(more)

02. 토이캅.jpg

<TOY COP> started airing on the representative channels

The Korean major animation studio, OCON's kids animation <TOY COP> started broadcasting on various channels such as KBS, Channel A, and Daegyo Children TV. It has achieved the highest audience rating for ....(more)

01. 네이버tv.jpg

<Super Z> channel opens on Naver TV

The Korean major animation studio, OCON started NAVER TV OTT service on March 14th. Every week after the start of this service, it is located in the top ranking of the kids TV TOP,  ....(more)